I am subscribed to a couple of engineering weekly digests that I like. Sharing them in this post, maybe it would be useful for someone.

List of digests

I am not affiliated with the mentioned digests, I just like them.


A weekly newsletter covering software development, Web operations, infrastructure, platforms, and performance, from browser down to the metal.

What value it brings to me. A very good digest with a wide range of topics on software engineering, helps me keep my eyes and mind open on different approaches and tech. I specifically like that this one doesn’t focus on specific technology, e.g. Go/Java/Ruby.

Programming Digest

Programming Digest is a weekly newsletter with the five most interesting stories in programming 👩‍💻, data 💾, and technology 📱.

What value it brings to me. This one also curates different engineering topics. It’s similar to StatusCode, but since they curate the list separately, I get to choose the best articles from both StatusCode and Programming Digest to read weekly.

Tech Lead Digest

Tech Lead Digest is a weekly newsletter with five interesting stories about building teams 🤼, leadership 👨‍✈️, and engineering culture 🕺🏻.

What value it brings to me. As Russ Cox, tech lead of Go programming language, mentioned in his great post on What is Software Engineering?,

Software engineering is what happens to programming when you add time and other programmers.

This digest sends weekly curated list of posts that help me reflect and think, and practice “soft skills”: communication, leadership, building engineering culture.

I find these topics extremely important for my effectiveness to solve problems in synergy with other people. It helps me become better person, engineer, and problem solver in general. And even if you are not officially a tech lead, it doesn’t matter - these topics are immortal and apply to whatever role you carry as an engineer.

Domain Driven Design Weekly

DDD · CQRS · Event Sourcing

What value it brings to me. In short, I think knowing and applying DDD is one of the most important skills you can have as a software engineer. Tools and techniques in ddd world evolve, so this digest is a nice way to keep up with the new topics in ddd.

AI Digest

AI Digest is a weekly newsletter with the five most interesting stories in artificial intelligence 🤖, machine learning 🚜, and data science 👩‍🔬.

Golang Weekly

A weekly newsletter about the Go programming language

What value it brings to me. As I mostly write in Golang nowadays, I find this digest immensely valuable. I can’t overstate it enough: articles that I have read and knowledge I got about Go from reading the blogs from Golang Weekly have helped me become a better and more effective programmer.

Learning software engineering fundamentals is very important, but knowing your tools - your programming language specifically - is also very valuable and can’t be underestimated. Find your balance.

In case you use other languages, here is a list of digests for other languages:

Long media

Digests and articles are great, but also consider focusing on long media to become a better engineer. Examples: